kiteSurf Rental

Looking to try your hand at kitesurfing, but don’t have all the necessary equipment? Kite and Surf Essaouira has everything you need to get out on the water. We offer high-quality premium from kites, boards, harnesses, and all the gear you’ll need for a fun and safe kitesurfing experience. Our staff is knowledgeable and friendly, and we’ll help you choose the right gear for your skill level and the local conditions. We offer daily and weekly rental options, as well as discounts for multiple-day rentals. If you’re new to kitesurfing, we highly recommend taking one of our lessons with a certified instructor. Our lessons are tailored to your experience level and will teach you all the proper techniques and safety measures you’ll need to have a great time on the water. So come visit us at Kite and surf Essaouira school and let us help you get started on your kitesurfing journey. We can’t wait to see you out there flying high!


This service-fee includes beach assistance landing, launching & super vision

Board Premium package pricing includes this year’s boards, strapless boards.

Kite Premium pricing includes this year’s Kite.